Things To Avoid

Limitless Printing


Limitless Printing should allow the user to purchase parts created from uploaded STL, scad, or escad files. parts should be purchasable in PLA, ABS, PC, and Aluminium.


  • wordpress modules for 3d printing.
  • WooCommerce?.
  • Images that are licensed appropriately.
  • generates Shipping estimates.
  • generates price estimates.
  • contact form.
  • order notifications to the administrators, so that we know when an order is complete, and can fufill the order.


  • Light Warm Colors
  • Custom Home page/ Parallax.
  • Appealing CSS. Involving hover effects and cross-fades.

todo list

  • STL Slicer wordpress plugin
  • woocommerce 3d printing plugin.
  • general polish and content for the site.

HOWTO: Fix STL Viewer Plugin

  • Go to "Plugin Settings"
  • Apply these:
    • Height: 300px
    • Width: 300px
    • Object Colour: #558cff
    • Background Colour: #558cff
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