• Migrate the faikvm vms to new servers.
  • cm redir commands.
  • cm ports repairs.
  • Set up cameras around our facility.
  • Rearrange the working office.
  • Fix the 2 small 3d Printers.
  • Fix Taxes & Bank Account.
  • Finish Gift Demo.
  • Teardown Dead Equipment.
  • Fix the Xone3d.
  • etchant tank.
  • work with dean on his shading problem.
  • Re-document construction of prototype hot ends (v5, v6).
  • Construct new hot end (v7).
  • Obtain video of new hot end printing with ABS, PLA, and PC.

Indiegogo Video for printing car

  • At least 2:53 short and 4:13 long.
  • Professional Quality.
  • Share our Vision.
  • Have Working Model to Show.
  • Have at Least 2 People Talk.
  • Do Market Price-Ups.

Software TODO

All software images will be built atop the FAI CD available at this will allow us to integrate work done at multiple sites into our alpha site / servers.

  • Create a VM reproducing the software at , getting the webGL frontend working again.
    • This is so we can make a cad application online in a distributed manner.
  • create a mediagoblin VM image, for distributing videos / images / hardware designs.
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