Overall Design



Laser from above is not great for most modern parts, Because of pads below part. hense, in cartridge reflow.

Laser Stage

Power Supply

Laser power supply sits standing lengthwise up, in the rear left corner of the stage.

CO2 Tube

Laser tube rests in the rear right to the front left, diagonally, with the emitting end in the front left corner.

Other Lasers

Color laser sources live in the space opposite the power supply.

Switching mirror


Motion Stage

The frame of the motion stage is 20x40 extrusions on the back, left, and right side. the front side is two 20x20 extrusions, to allow the cartridge to be inserted.

Front Gantry

This gantry carries the laser (front side), the IR temperature sensor(front side), the pick and place head(back side), and the solder paste dispenser(back side).

This gantry uses GT2 3mm pitch 9mm diameter belts.

Rear Gantry

This gantry carries the ink dispensation, the plastic extrusion system, and the microscope.

PCB Cartridge

The entire board carrying assembly slides in and out of the rack. think "board cartridge".

This assembly integrates a hot plate, and a heat shield, for reflow.

Feeder Stage

the feeder stage is responsible for raising the source parts level with the PCB. it presents parts on a platform, OR via a tape.

idea soup

Motion Stage

Ideally, the cartridge would be usable to transport the board through reflow and wave soldering.

Feeder Stage

You have A motion stage on the feeder, which places the parts onto a platform that gets raised to the level of the first motion stage. This way you can also do part rotation by rotating the platform between picks. While the first motion stage is working on the parts from the platform, the feeder stage's motion stage puts together a second platform.

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