Microwave Assisted Aluminium Printing

Our system uses consumer microwave units to perform burn-out of PLA from molds, and a second microwave to liquify aluminium, to be poured into the mold. 3d printer inspired mechanics will move the aluminium from the microwave, into the target mold under human control across the network, so that there is no risk to the person operating the machine.


  • 2 1200W microwaves.
    • one as large as you can find, for melting aluminium in, with the rotating components removed, and a top mounted microwave emitter.
    • one for burning plastic out of molds.


  • fire cement
  • 1200 grit silicon carbide grinding powder
  • water
  • perlite


  • 1 More kiln, designed to match our new microwave.
  • many tests of our mold technique.
  • a document for use in determining what objects are printable with the new technique. <-- at this point, we start selling 3d printed aluminium objects.
  • motion control on the microwave -- enough hardware to handle our cup by machine, pouring into a target.
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