Initial plans are available from


Bills Of Materials

Extras, not used

  • 3 powermax ][ motors, p21nsxc-lss-ns-07.
    • accompanying belt


Information we need

  • position of the holes on the gantry plate.

Critical Dimensions

Optical Table

  • Holes are drilled roughly 1 inch apart, in a grid.
  • table is 4' x 8'.

Nema17 motors

GT2 gears

GT2 belt

  • 6mm width.

608 Bearings

Nema23 Motors

  • PowerMax? ][ p21nsxc-lss-ns-07
    • Dual shafted. dimensions:
      • 57.1mm wide.
      • 52.3mm deep.
      • 1.2 mm tall raised ring 38.1mm wide surrounding shaft.
      • 6.35mm shaft, 20.6mm long on front face, 19.1mm on back.
        • 5.56mm diameter between round side and middle of flat face. flat face is 12.7mm long.

Mitsumi Extrusions

8020 Extrusions

  • 40mm wide, and 20mm tall.

OpenRail? Linear Rail

Low Profile Screws

V Wheels

40mm Gantry Plate

Eccentric Spacer

Unknown Smooth Rod

  • The smooth rod we are using on our Z axis.
  • diameter: 19mm.

Unknown Smooth Rod Bushing

  • The bushing that rides on the smooth rod on our Z axis.
  • diameter: 32mm.
  • Length: 41.3mm.

Parts to Print

Y Axis

  • Nema17 Motor Plate.
    • Holds motor above the Y rail, with the shaft facing the outside of the machine.
    • The bottom of the gear mounted on the motor shaftis level with the bottom of the bearing pack, and level with the point that the belt tensioner/retainer holds the belt.
    • Has 4 holes for mounting to an aluminium angle strip.
      • The four holes are at a height such that the M5 mounting screw slides into the aluminium extrusion on the bed.
  • Belt retainer.
    • Attaches to top of carriage.
    • Holds belt to the Y carriage.
    • Holds belt 'teeth up'.

X Axis

  • Nema17 Motor mount. Purchased.
  • carriage. Purchased.

Z Axis

  • 2 Motor mounts.
  • 2 Nut Retainers.
    • This part forms a 'T' when looked at from the top, and a 'C' when looked at from the side.
      • the top part of the 'T' contains two nut retainers.
        • the retainer closest to the mitsumi is on the 'bottom', and the retainer furthest is on the 'top'.
      • the bottom part of the 'T' is split, to go around the mitsumi railing, and contains holes for screws into nut retainers in the railing.
        • the intersection between the mitsumi and the split must have a void for the inside side of the bearing mount.
  • 2 Z top bearing holders.
    • mounts to the bottom of our top mitsumi extrusion, and contains a bearing holder for two threaded rods.


  • Potential funders have asked of the big machine:
    1. Is it a prototype style printer, or a production unit? (prototype)
    2. For yourself or a customer? (non-profit, hacDC)
    3. Can i see pics?
    4. Build area? (29" x 77" x "two foot")
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