Background and Recent Work

Currently working out of my home in College Park, MD, My team and I, having achieved good progress in the field of 3D-printing recyclable materials (specifically, cast aluminum), are working to develop a toolkit for printing and building electric cars. Ultimately I intend to move into Bio-printing, with the primary goal of overhauling the broken health system by developing radical tools for improving health and medicine.

Because I have recently been struck with severe carpel tunnel syndrome, preventing me from writing as much software as I once did, I have focused my 3D-printing related interests, having built strange 3D printers on my own for years past while running a FreeGeek?.

I started my IT career, however, on the Microsoft path, but burned my MCSE at the age of 18. I began working on the Linux Kernel, GCC, Svgalib, and device drivers from 1998-2001, before contributing to various aspects of the GNU user space. I finally settled on OpenEMR, where I implemented a form generation system to allow doctors to exchange medical forms. I also performed various modifications to the OpenEMR user interface, as an attempt to lower the barriers to entry (and hense costs) for medical providers.

All of the FossCar? Project's work strictly adheres to the free software and free hardware philosophy, about which I am often characterized as an evangelist. This means that all components of our projects will be licensed under the TAPR OHL (for hardware) or GNU's Affero GPL V3 (for software).

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