Each program or part distributed by FOSSCar will each individually and also collectively operate in accordance with the expectations of a free and open source product.


  • Securing and limiting the directions of communication between different ECU's and locking down/prohibiting unnecessary data transfer across ECU "bridges," which provide means for data traveling across separated CANbus networks to cross over is also central to our plans.
  • All computing devices will implement cryptographic verification of the identity of FOSSCar computing devices they are communicating with.
  • Computing devices inside of the vehicle will be required to communicate over encrypted channels to other FOSSCar computing devices.
  • Attempts to reduce attack surfaces will be made on all external communication systems.
    • When connecting via WiFi?, we will use an automatically rotating mac address and a WiFi? card that complies with the hardware/software licensing specifications.
  • Strong mechanisms for attempting to reduce tracking and identity metadata will be made through:
    • Better choices in protocols
    • Proxying
    • Encryption of content
    • Implementation of IDS and firewall systems
    • Implementing white noise shields for glass components, as additional mechanism of security.
    • Each design should incorporate detailed proposals for addressing common security vulnerabilities and inherent protocol weaknesses.
  • No cellular protocol-based WiFi? hotspots will be generated for purposes of connectivity and GSM Blocker enabling will be built-in. However, the option to access such protocols at user discretion will be under the direct control of the user's control settings.
  • A 'Silent' Mode for severing communications attempts via the Telematics and other communications channels to the outside world will be available.


  • Details about ways and means of more strongly enhancing efforts to obfuscate location and unique identifiers, Given the limited availability of strong protocols to over which to operate, are an outstanding issue.
  • federal law with respect to design mandates potentially presenting obstacles.
  • the sheer number of database systems collecting information from across the spectrum of society's systemic infrastructure and ordinarily functioning sectors makes this a very difficult task
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