The Fosscar Project


The goal of the FossCar project is to improve the state of available automotives (create cars, and car parts) using entirely Free and Open Source Tools.

The focus of our process means that consumers will be able to afford advanced, well-designed, and aesthetically pleasing cars for very low prices in comparison to current options.

Because we see the potential for 3D printed aluminum, our current project is aimed at providing on site manufacturing of car parts made of cast aluminium.

In areas where the infrastructure doesn't permit daily life without a car, the car occupies an emotionally and culturally powerful place in many people's hearts.

The notion of utilizing 3D printing to produce electric cars from recyclable materials seems important and promising, not just for those bound by the constraints of rural highway sprawl, but for anyone interested in the issues which might otherwise continue to go unaddressed globally. Without more modern and non fossil-fuel-based alternatives to the car becoming readily available consumption in this respect will continue. Modern political practice all but guarantees that entrenched vendor's efforts will continue to falter.

It seems clear that our technology and project will make a huge impact on many global issues, and not only to automotive systems or 3D printing technologies.

3D Printing and Aluminium

We have developed a system for producing cast aluminum parts that employs a microwave-assisted 3D printing technique, eliminating many of the major dangers associated with the traditional "lost PLA" methods of Aluminum casting. The advantages of our methods include the complete elimination of potential fire hazards by eliminating the use of propane, thereby providing a safer and more practical methodology. Our goal is to create and administrate a website where designs can be submitted and used freely either by an individual adopting the process or by ordering directly from our facility.

  • A video of us presenting our work at the Chaos Communications Congress is Here.


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We get together in #fosscar, on, or #fosscar on To easily get to our chat channel, go to , pick a name, and select the "#fosscar" channel.

CANARY: We affirm that for all Software/Hardware? designs and products distributed by our project, no legally imposed interventions have been issued with the intent to compromise the security of these projects or their users. Should this cease to be the case this affirmation will cease to appear or be updated on the website. we expect to validate this statement at least once per month. (Added: September 22, 2014; Updated/Validated?: July 14th, 2017).

Sub Projects

  • LostPLA
    • Maps -- Microwave Assisted Aluminium Printing device.

  • TODO List -- to be superseded by the troubleticket system.


Users of this project are encouraged to use GNU/Linux distributions.

In order to design machines consisting of hundreds of parts, it is important to use languages capable of defining interfaces between parts, and changing the shape of one part based on another.

  • ImplicitCad -- functional programming language for designing parts. Julia Longtin is currently the maintainer of this project.
  • SolveSpace? -- constraint based windows based toolset.
  • admesh -- repairer of the STL files.
  • Meshlab -- view the stl file created with Implicitcad's extopenscad command.

Complete Vehicles


Articles Worth Reading


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